1. General

The Carlito Carlita OHG, Immermannstrasse 22, 40210 Düsseldorf, shopsäFTSFüNina-phones Trowe, Eva-Maria Krasser(hereinafter "Carlito Carlita" or " "or" we "), operates under the Internet the "Website") an online store.

Fürsämtliche orders you üabout the site täterm and für our deliveries and services are exclusivelyßLich the following general businessäIONS in their time of order gültigen version. We do not recognize deviating conditions of the customer, unless we have agreed in writing.

2. Conclusion

1. The für contract conclusion AVüsupply-standing language is German.

2. The Präpresentation of goods on our website is not an offer of to conclude a purchase contract.

3. By submitting the order form provided on our website to us, you submit a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract with us. The tender You make by sämtliche necessary information wäenter during the ordering process and finallyßLich the order by BetäEmail term on the button "Buy" to us. Before submitting the offer, you will receive aÜoverview üabout the information submitted by you, the Möpossibility to correct any input errors.

4. Upon receipt of your order we will send you an e-mail, the best receipt of your orderäStrengthens and to the listed details of your orderüHRT are (Bestellbestäactuation). Please note that these Bestellbestäactuating no acceptance declarationätion constitutes your contract offer, but only for information purposes.

5. The sales contract between you and carlitocarlita.comis only concluded when we accept the offer with the delivery of the goods ordered. The order will be shipped in advance only after crediting the Fulländigen sum to our account.

6. Carlito Carlita partnership is entitled to an offer by without giving Grüreject ligand, especially when the limü, Ndete suspected that the üabout Internet-related goods commercially weiterveräußto be ert.

3. Cancellation

The right of withdrawal applies exclusivelyßLich für consumers gemAESS § 13 BGB. A consumer is a natüNATURAL person who has a Rechtsgeschäft lockable for a purposeßt, is neither commercial nor a selfändigen professional TäACTION can be attributed.


You have the right, within fourteen days without giving Grüto revoke this contract ends.

The withdrawal period concerningägt fourteen days from the date on which you or a third party indicated by you that is not the Cmdöis Förderer, the final goods have taken possession of or has.

In order for For your rightüben, müSEN us that Carlito Carlita OHG Immermannstrasse 22, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany,, by means of a clear explanationätion (eg, consigned by mail letter or e-mail) üabout your decision to withdraw from this contract, inform.

it made to safeguard the withdrawal period is sufficient that you release the üFrom about theüsend exercise the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period.


If you withdraw from this contract, we have put all the payments that we have received from you, includingßLich the delivery cost (except for the additionallyätzlichen costs arising from the fact that a type of delivery other than that offered by us günstigste Standard gewäwho keeps) unverzüpossible and spätesting within fourteen days from the dayückzuzahlen, on which the notification üreceived about your cancellation of this contract with us.

Für this Rürepayment we use the same means of payment that you originally in theühave used nglichen transaction, unless you were expresslyücklich otherwise agreed; Under no circumstances are you about this Rücalculated repayment charges.

we köcan Rürefuse repayment until we deliver the goods againühave cker hold or until you have demonstrated that you have the goods toückgesandt have, depending on which of the früis here at the time.

You have the goods unverzüpossible and in any event spätesting within fourteen days from the day on which Us üinform about the cancellation of this contract to us forückzusenden or ümountain flat. The deadline is met if you send the goods before the period of fourteen days. We bear the cost of Rücksendung the goods.

you müSEN für only pay any diminished value of the goods where this loss of value to a for Prüfung the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods is not necessary for dealing with themückzufüis lead.

4. Voluntary Return Policy

1. Independenceängig from your statutory right of withdrawal offers the following voluntary Rückgaberecht to:

You have the right, within fourteen days without giving Grüto revoke this contract ends.

Sämtliche products Carlito Carlita köcan within14 daysfrom receipt of goods to us forübe ckgesendet. The Rühowever, applies only ckgaberechtür unworn, unwashed and flawless products, of which the labels were not removed.

For reasonsüends of the sanitary köWe can no hair accessories, underwearäcal and hosiery items forücknehmen or exchange.

2. Return

2. 1. The cost für Rücksendungen trägt the customer.

2. 2 Rücksendung the goods takes place exclusivelyßLich with the shipping service provider, üAbout the package was delivered (DHL). All documents that you in Rücksendung be helpful köcan, your package are included.

2. 3 Please note that we only Rücksendungen accept from the respective country of delivery köcan. If the delivery, for example byÖAustria is done, the R mayücksendung only ÖAustria be initiated.

2. 4. In case of Rücksendung is a credit to your account / your card carriedüleads, any loss by Wäcurrency fluctuations are not refundable.

2. 5. the Rücksendung must be sent to: Carlito Carlita OHG, Immermannstrasse 22, 40210 Düsseldorf, Germany.

If you have questions about your Rühave ckgaberecht, please contact our Customer Service:


Phone: +49 15146310893

This voluntary Rückgaberecht beschränkt not your legal rights and therefore not your top shown Withdrawal.

5 Prices; Product representation; authorüAVAILABILITY; promotion code

1. First apply on our website www.carlitocarlita.comquoted prices at the time of your order.Prices quoted are in Euro and include German VAT.

2. The goods offered under are shown on the website in the form of digital photographs of existing merchandise. Geringfüdent differences between representation and reality do not constitute defects of the goods ordered.

3. If you have ordered several products at once, köcan be supplied the individual products at different times. § 266 BGB remains untouchedüleads. Shipping fees are charged only once here.

4.Promotion Code

4. 1 Promotion codes have different maturities and to the acquisition of all articles außhe applies gift certificates. The specific term of your promotion codes köcan refer to the document, which also contains the promotional codeält.

4. 2 The exchange or payment of promotional codes you as part of marketing campaigns or Kulanzgrühave received ends of is excluded. A payout of other promotional codes außoutside the law you are entitled to Rückgabe- and Rücktrittsrechte also excluded.

4. 3 After receipt of promotional code with you ütakes over no responsibility für lost, stolen, destroyed or pirated eingelöste promotion codes.

4. 4 Carlito Carlita behäthe right to according to cancel the promotion code or block, provided für such action is a legitimate reason, there is for example in the case of loss or misuse of promotional codes. Carlito Carlita willüinform about the cancellation or blocking of promotion codes.

4. 5 Information on the Rückgabe articles from Orders with Promotion Code: If you of your right to cancel or voluntary Rümake ckgaberecht use, will the ermAESSIGTE refund. If an item from an order that originallyüACCESSIBLE several articles contained, revoked orückgeben, the value of the promotion code will be proportionally deducted from the total price of the item and you will receive the appropriate refund. The promotion code featureäfalls in proportion to the value of theückgegebenen article. With revocation or Rücksendung of the items featureäfalls the promotion code and originallyüACCESSIBLE amount paid is used forücker equips. There is no claim to the refund or replacement of a promotion code from a promotion.

6.Storage of contract

We store your order data. If you w a printout of your orderünschen, you have the Möpossibility, a "Eingangsbestäprint actuation ". This will appear on your screen after you place the order by the Betälockable term of "Orderßs "buttons have been sent to us and your credit card information successfully markedüwere ft.

There will also Bestellbestäactuation with all given data by email, which can also be printed.

7.Retention of title

The delivered goods remain completely up toändigen payment in the property of Carlito Carlita OHG.

8.Questions for order or complaints

Questions about your order or complaints, please contact our Customer Service:



Für, contüche for Mänails the delivered goods, the statutory provisions with the exception that a claim for damages based on a defect only after Maßgift of the following § 12 consists.


1. We shall unboundedänkt für intent and gross FahrläLIQUID. a slightly fahrl in caseälar infringement of a principal obligation or a secondary obligation whose violation Found the purpose of the contractährdet or their ErfüSettin g the properlyAESSe carryingücurrency of the contract üat all until ermöturn faster and trust in which the customer was allowed ( "substantial obligation"), our liability is predictable, typical contractual Schäthe limited. We are not liable für easily fahrlässige breach of contractual obligations which do not go to the essential dutiesören.

2. The liability for fraudulent concealment of Mänails or Ütakeover of a guarantee as well as the adhesion für, contüche under the Product Liability Law, and für Schäfrom the loss of life, Köbody or health remain unaffected untouchedüleads. AÄchange the burden of proof to the detriment of the customer is not connected.

3. With the exception of steps thingsüchen rejuvenation tortälead Schadenersatzansprüthe customer che, für the liability under this clause beschräis nt, in a year from the legal rejuvenationäcurrency beginning.

4. If the liability of excluded or beschräis nkt, this also applies für the persöPERSONAL liability of employees, workers, employees, representatives and Erfüllungsgehilfen.