PAYMENT BY NOWÜwire transfer

IMMEDIATELY Üwire transfer is a directüberweisungsverfahren and ermöglicht it additionally you quickly and withoutäto pay USEFUL Needöterm only a bank account and an online banking access.

Wächoose In order step "Payment" "IMMEDIATELY Üwire transfer "from. They are subsequentlyßend to the hedged payment form of IMMEDIATELY Üforwarded wire transfer and enter the automatically executedüllten Überweisungsträger free using your usual online banking data. After devouringüsselten Ütransmission is your successful payment usually few moments später bestäUntitled.

Any Überweisungskosten and bank charges shall be borne by the customer.Credits from Rübe cksendungen only to the bank accountück überwiesen from which the originallyüngliche order was paid.

PAYMENT by credit card OR DEBIT CARD

Wächoose In order step "Payment" "card".

We accept credit cards and debit cards:

Für all orders over 200 €, shipping is free within Germany.


Enter your card information on our payment page. featureügt üabout a cutting-edge security server software with SSL Encryptionüsselung that w your card detailsäwhile the Ütransmission against dependenceören and manipulation schüTZT.

The order amount is deposited as payment reservation on your card until the order shipped (then the amount will be charged), or the order will be canceled either (then the amount is re-enabled).

Payment by Visa or Mastercard

The system prüft if the credit card or debit card to the 3-D security programs Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCodeparticipates.

These are specially für these types of cards developed security procedures, the prüfen whether tatsäleisurely the rechtmAESSowned cardholder and the rechtmAESSowned online Häparticipating traders in a transaction.

. If a credit card holderüvia one of the registration methods on the 3-D Secure process logged öopens a total weight after the input of the map dataäUSEFUL query mask that is connected to your bank and there additionallyäsuddenly to enter the "Secure Code" (one of you gewähltes password) asks.

Only with the correct password, the transaction is carriedüleads.If your credit card für none of these methods is logged in the payment without further authentication is carriedüleads.

On For more information on the credit card security practices:

Für all payments made by credit card or debit card is valid: Credits from Rücksendungen are always on the füCredit card used to purchase the rückgebucht.

Payment by PayPal

Wächoose In order step "payment" from "PayPal". You will be redirected to PayPal. If you are already a PayPal customer, kölog can there with your user data and payment bestäterm.

If you do not have a PayPal account, köYou can have a PayPal account, heöOpen and then paying bestäterm. Credits from Rücksendungen are always on the für used to buy PayPal account toückgebucht.


Wächoose in the payment step "payment", "advance" and eventuallyßs off the order.You will receive our bank details and the order in our automatically sent e-mail Eingangsbestäactuation.

You're welcome überweisen the total amount immediately after your order, stating the order to the following account:

Account Name: Carlito Carlita OHG
Bank: German Bank
IBAN: DE14 3007 0010 0203 1375 00

(für SEPAÜcredit transfers by international and German accounts)any Überweisungskosten and bank charges shall be borne by the customer.

We ship your order once the payment is credited to our account. Credits from Rücksendungen be on the bank accountück überwiesen from which the originallyüngliche order was paid.


In order step "basket", enter your gift card code / promotion code in the space provided. If the order value of the Gift Card Codes / Promotion Codesüexceeds, wäYou choose subsequentßend with which you want to pay the rest of the payment method.

If the value of the Gift Card / the promotion codes höher than the order value, köcan the same code für a näuse next shopping again. The balance is available as long as the authorüsupply until the credit is used up.

Carlito Carlita behält the right to block the Gift Card in case of abuse.